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House Reveal: The Girls’ Bedroom!

My girls previously shared a room in our last apartment, and they weren’t ready to separate when we moved and had the option for their own bedroom. So we maximized each room for ultimate function based on their current and future needs. Today, I’m sharing the first of their rooms…the bedroom!

House Reveals Coming!

We moved into our house in April 2020 right at the beginning of a global pandemic. All of my plans to reveal my home to you last year came to a screeching halt as it didn’t make sense logistically or emotionally to share it even though so many of you asked and wanted to share in my joy…

New Year, New Website!

This year for me is really about seeing through some of the things that never happened in 2020 (and the things I still want to see through). One of those projects was our updated website which I’m excited to finally share with you now…

Scenes from Christmas

I know I said I wouldn’t post until after the New Year (oops!), but I wanted to share a few photos from our Christmas. Mostly because they brought us so much joy during a Christmas that was unlike any other…

Goodbye 2020!

What a year this has been! What started as a year that had very emotional changes over here in my Oh Joy! world , turned into a year full of changes for all of mankind. We went through a global pandemic together (and still are) and racial injustices (and still are). We are all united in knowing we have been tested and pushed to the limits this year. Yet, here we still are…

A Fun Activity Over Break…

As we head into the holidays, I’ve been trying to find small projects to keep me (and the kids) busy since we’ll be staying put! I love when I can find something that we can happily do together…like making these fun bracelets!

My First Advent Calendar

Growing up in a Thai family, Christmas wasn’t a thing. But as a Thai-American kid who wanted so bad to be “American”, I made my parents get us a Christmas tree and celebrate because I just thought that’s what people did!

Delicious Holiday Delights…

If you’re looking for some fun treats to make, eat, or gift this holiday season, here are a few of our favorites!

oh joy gift guide: kid’s gifts that will last!

Our last holiday gift guide is here! When it comes to gifts for kids, we know kids LOVE the junky, plastic toys that they may only be entertained with once or twice. But, if you’re looking for gifts that will last beyond that and serve a more functional, educational, or longer-term purpose, here are some […]

oh joy gift guide: things to do, make, and eat!

If one amazing thing has some out of 2020 it's that we all discovered new hobbies or took more time to pick back up on hobbies we neglected before. It's been the year of bread baking, growing plants, gardening, board games, and cooking more than ever. If you or someone you love has discovered a […]

a tie-dyed tree skirt!

For some reason, I can never find a tree skirt that has ANY personality to it. Or, if they feel somewhat special, they are SO expensive. Our OG Oh Joy! Alum, Julia Wester, recently made this super fly tree skirt by ice dyeing some quilted fabric and I am in LOVE. Julia made an unexpected-to-her […]

oh so kind is here!

Just in time for the holidays, I'm so excited to announce our third Oh Joy! Story Book is now available. Oh So Kind! is a big-hearted, lift-the-flap book about being a kind friend, neighbor, and family member! Our main character is a lovable Llama in a wheelchair making way throughout the day who brings warmth […]