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tips for an easy photo book…

The biggest barrier to making photo books is ALL. THE. WORK. Am I right? It often seems impossible if you're already seven years behind or still need to make last year's book! But let's take that pressure off of us, shall we? Times are hard enough and we don't need extra stress—we need extra joy […]

oh joy gift guide: accessories

Accessories are always a fun gift to give because they are pieces that can be personal and speak to the style of your recipient. Here are some of my favorites to give in a range of price points. Plus, all of the items for this guide are from businesses owned/run/designed/made by women of color! 1. […]

fun halloween treats!

1. Silly Monster Parfait — As a fun surprise for breakfast or an after school snack on Halloween, make Silly Monster Parfaits to show kids that not all monsters are scary. Kids will love the silly treat, and for parents it's a healthy option to offset all the candy they'll be enjoying later that evening! To make […]

my favorite power rings!

My favorite accessory right now is what I like to call a Power Ring. It's typically a bolder or oversized ring (but one that is still comfortable to wear) that feels fun and makes you smile. Here are some of my favorites in a range in price points, both new and vintage—some are novelty and […]

Thai Coconut Rice Pancakes

One of my favorite street vendor treats I've had in Thailand (and also here in the States) is called Kanom Krok—Thai Coconut Rice Pancakes. It reminds me of my childhood growing up as a Thai-American kid. We'd have them at our local Temple when there were celebrations or festive events. So today, I'm sharing the […]

kids’ books that show diversity (part 2)…

As a follow-up to our first post in 2017 about diverse kids' books, here's an updated version with a few of my family's favorites right now. Ranging in ages from 0-10, these books focus on authors and characters of color, characters who break the traditional molds of what was expected of them, stories of real […]

how to talk to kids about racism…

The other night, we found ourselves explaining to our kids what happened to George Floyd and so many other Black Americans recently. It’s a story we didn’t expect to tell because it’s a story that shouldn’t have happened. But it did happened and incidents like these have been happening for centuries. Maybe you know we […]

you deserve dessert…

You, yes YOU, deserve dessert today! You are surviving an unprecedented time full of worry, stress, angst, anger, annoyance, scary feelings, and everything in between. You are doing it! No matter if that looks like Pinterest-worthy crafts with your kids or your third time watching Tiger King. Maybe you have a living room covered with […]

easy healthy-ish snacking tips…

If your house is anything like mine, our snacking has become an all-day activity being home so much! So if you're like me and want to make sure a few of those snacks are healthy-ish, here are few fun ideas to help… 1) Make a healthy snack (that doesn't seem healthy). We love cereal bark with […]

hopeful gifts that support small businesses…

It's no question that businesses of all sizes are seeing major losses in income right now. Small businesses, especially, need all the help they can get to keep their businesses open and employees working. So, I wanted to gather a few of things I'm loving that might bring a smile to you or a loved […]

my favorite non-boozy drinks!

I'm not much of a drinker (of alcoholic beverages)…maybe a glass of wine every so often, but I don't derive the same joy that most get from alcohol. I'd much rather have dessert or a tasty non-alcoholic drink! So today, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite non-boozy drinks that I […]

Valentine’s Day Inspo…

We love celebrating Valentine's Day! From sweet cards to tasty treats and everything in between, here are our ALL-TIME FAVORITE valentine ideas. If you're looking for some inspiration to tell all your family and friends just how much you love them, or if you need a fun idea that your little one can hand out […]