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a colorful painted dry erase board…

I love having visual reminders of things I want to do—whether it's bigger goals I want to achieve over time, mantras I want to be reminded of daily, or simply things that I need to accomplish that day. So today, we have a super colorful way to keep track of day-to-day tasks with a painted […]

what we did before working at oh joy!

Happy Monday! Often when I show the Oh Joy! team on Instagram Stories, people ask me how they got their jobs at Oh Joy, what they did before, and also about how I started this company. So today, we have an extra special post that gives you a little peek into what everyone was doing […]

pinterest 101…

Raise your hand if you LOVE Pinterest! Back in 2010, I was one of the first people to try out the then new site before it was available to the public. Since then, it's been a go-to tool for me both as a designer and content creator. My team and I use it daily to […]

oh joy for clé tile!

I'm so excited to share our newest design collaboration…Oh Joy for Clé Tile! Earlier this year when we began working on the design and renovation of our new Oh Joy office, and I was chatting with Clé Tile to bring tile into the space. After a few conversations back and forth, we decided to design […]

oh joy for milk snob!

For those of you with babies or babies on the way, you'll be so excited to see our newest collaboration with Milk Snob! I've been a fan of these covers back when I was in my early baby/nursing days. They are so, so soft and double/triple as a car seat cover when baby is sleeping, […]

crafted by time…

One of the things I tell people the most about having a business or having a career you love is that nothing happens overnight. I've had my business for almost 12 years, and every year, things get better because I have gained more experience and learned more from past mistakes. Today, I'm partnering with Nespresso and […]

oh joy for target / fall collection!

Weeee! A new season is here which means a new Oh Joy for Target home decor collection is upon us! Our fall collection launches this Tuesday, September 13th. Inspired by the moon, the stars, and swan lake, the collection mixes rose gold accents with jewel and midnight tones. In preparation of the holiday season, there are […]

career day / a floral designer…

I first met Kelly Cuadra of Viva Voce over 5 years ago when she was the assistant for a local event planner. Little did I know that years later, she would be running her own floral design business and making some of the most beautiful creations I have ever seen. For our newest Career Day, I took […]

changing your career in your 30’s…(part 1)

As someone who loves my job, I am super passionate about helping people discover what they really want to do for a living and figuring out ways to get there. Our "career" is something we think about from the time we're a kid with everyone asking us what we want to be when we grow up. […]

career day / bakers…

When I asked Ruby if she wanted to visit a couple of awesome ladies who make "treats", of course, she screamed with excitement. What Ruby didn't know was that the bakery I was about to take her to for "Career Day" is gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free! I, personally, don't have any food limitations or allergies, […]

have kids, will travel {giveaway}! …(now closed)

You guys…we have a HUGE giveaway today for you. With my recent family trip to Seattle, I'm feeling excited to travel again with my whole family in tow! So, I've partnered up with some of my go-to travel and lifestyle brands to give away these amazing goodies that are some of my favorites when jet-setting with […]

career day / a furniture maker…

In our newest Career Day, we visited the studio of husband and wife team, Michaele and Johannes of Kalon Studios. I've been a fan of their beautiful furniture ever since I saw a photo of this beautiful crib they designed. When we use things in our home—like furniture—on such a regular basis, sometimes we forget […]