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Finally feeling inspired.



I’ve been feeling very uninspired the past couple weeks and in a total creative slump. Things are picking up though, and I have decided it’s time for a new sketch book. Pale blue cover, black spine, spiral bound. Let’s hope this one takes me somewhere I haven’t been before.

Here are some images that are helping me feel inspired today. {from left to right}: girls in floaty polka-dotted bathing suits, faceted gold vessels, wooden gridded holder for random knick-knacks, mini classic cars, brightly colored crocheted lace and floral plates, satin/silk pumps in muted jewel tones & the circus.

I am also IN LOVE with the bedding & pillows by Variegated. I imagine that if I had their bedding, I would throw a cocktail/ice cream party on my bed and then take a long, restful nap afterwards.


  1. I was supposed to be checking out things for my textile course but I have been completely mesmerised by your website,love it,love it!

  2. I just came to your site, after fan-girling for quite some time. I literally just said- your site is amazing, mine needs an overhaul. Then I realised you started way back in 2005. Erm, my blog is an infant lol. Just reminded me that everyone has to start somewhere. I love that fact that you and your blog have grown together.
    Sareta x


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