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Tapas-style date! Brilliant!

Last night, Jeff the chef came over and made us dinner to congratulate us on our engagement. It was lovely…salad with bacon-wrapped dates & apple/onion confit; lamb chops with couscous, spinach, & an olive tapenade, and for desert a godiva chocolate cake/brownie with ice cream…yum!

But last night, I also learned about the tapas-style date. I haven’t dated in so long that I was delighted to hear about HIS dating adventures. A tapas-style date does not involve going out to eat tapas…it involves going to a few different restaurants all in one evening…all as part of ONE date. So, you might start off at an actual tapas place and have a couple small plates, move on to the next place for their house cipriani, on to the next place for the house margarita, and then to the last for sushi and champagne. Sounds lovely! This makes ME want to date Jeff! (Just kidding, Babe!)



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