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Cherry Coke does not belong in chocolate chip cookies

This weekend, I had a craving for some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Bob offered to make me some, only we didn’t have baking soda…or chocolate chips. AND there was a flood-like monsoon outside, so there was no way we were leaving the apartment. So, Bob puts on his resoucefulness cap and manages to get chocolate from a combo of leftover chocolate from Valentine’s Day and from the vending machine in the lobby. I told him I heard that you can use actual drinking soda (like seltzer) for recipes if you’re missing baking soda…something with the carbonation? We have no seltzer, so (under my advisement) he adds some of my leftover Cherry Coke to the mixture.

The cookies come out tasting like butt. They were more like scones, but not as good. The chocolate was old, and Cherry Coke does not work like baking soda. Whoever told me about the soda thing lied.

Next day, we go to an actual grocery store and buy baking soda and Ghiradelli chocolate chips. The cookies were amazing. I have eaten 12 cookies in less than 24 hours.

LESSON LEARNED: Being resourceful sometimes works. But sometimes it doesn’t.



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