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You’re a florist? No, I’m a floorist.

I have to admit…I’m a bit floorist. Since moving into my first high-rise apartment building, I have noticed I have this problem. And I feel very bad about it.

To be floorist means that when others come in the elevator with you, you judge them based on what floor they are getting off at. Typically, the higher the better. The young professionals that are my age typically live on the lower numbered floors–and the empty nesters live on the higher floors. I am a young professional but happened to get lucky and score an apartment on one of the higher floors. It is an odd occurance. The people on my floor often look at me and probably wonder…”Shouldn’t you be on one of the single-digit floors?”

And then, on a whole new level, there is also a syndrome called being “sidest”. Yes, your apartment number (odd or even) tells everyone which side of the building you are on. Even numbers mean you’ve got the fancy view, odd numbers means you have the European view of the town houses and brown stones. Nice, but it’s not the fancy view of the city. I am not sidest, since I live on the less fancy side.

This was never an issue back in my Brooklyn walk-up. The higher you were, the worse it was because that meant more walking. The side didn’t really matter…although facing the street was always better than facing another building.

Living the big-city, high-rise life has really gotten to my head.


  1. Actually, This is very interesting. You see I’m a “floorist” too! I’m a WoodFloorist. I teach people how to install and refinish wood floors. On my truck the two O’s in wood are ends of logs and the two o’s in Floorist are flowers. I’ve actually had people think I’m delivering flowers.
    I have to admit I have never tried putting my truck in an elevator. I would probably be easier just to put a link to this blog on my website.


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