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Goals for Fall 2005

• Cook more, spend less.
• Stop wearing flip-flops by November…before it starts snowing.
• Plan bomb ass wedding of the century.
• Get cable guy to come over and fix ABC, so that we can watch LOST without white lines running through it.
• Continue to live the baller lifestyle without the baller bank account.
• Get Bruce (the cat) off steroids, put Lucy (the cat) on exercise regimen, enroll Max (the cat) in socialization classes.
• Win lottery or develop my BIG idea.
• Read my “Word of the Day” widget every day…NOT once every two weeks. How else do I expect my vocabulary to grow?
• Try (emphasis on “try”) to get dressed for the work day. I can’t work in my pj’s EVERY day.
Or, can I?

One comment

  1. good luck with cat socialization classes. My persnickity girl cat has been tormenting my new male so I am putting that on my to do list as well.


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