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One million is the perfect amount.

Some of you may have read the article in People Magazine this Summer about people who randomly won large sums of money. One woman whose story I think about often won one million dollars from a scratch-off lottery ticket. It happens, right? But, the twist is she won TWICE. She played in January, won one million. And then played in June and won another million. Wow.

Ever since I heard that story, I think about how one million dollars would be the perfect amount of money to win. Winning a crazy huge amount like 300 million is a bit excessive (although I would take it if handed to me). 300 million might make one do all sorts of life-changing, extreme things like… quit one’s job, buy a huge house, a new fancy car…forget about being rooted and sensible…one would buy tons of random things they didn’t really need, but wanted….you could travel the world and have your own personal chef…your life would change forever. It’s fun to think about, yet unrealistic. Because, really, what are the chances?

BUT, one million dollars is the PERFECT amount to win because it would make life just a bit easeir without changing it completely. With one million dollars, we could pay off all our debts…credit cards, student loans, mortgages…it would cover all of our future bills for a good chunk of time. For those that are engaged (like me), you could use the money to throw a bomb ass wedding without feeling guilty for it. You could buy that extra piece of furniture you need but have never had the extra cash for…so that you can finally unpack all the boxes from your move eight months ago. We’d all still have to work and we couldn’t be completely shallow and rich, but wouldn’t life be just a bit nicer with one million dollars?

So, my new goal for the year is to win one million dollars. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Hehe my ‘happily ever after’ amount is $4 million, but that’s $AUD4 million, which is around $US3 million. House prices are ridiculous in Sydney. And I’d want my family looked after. And I’d travel for 6 months of every year. And I’d get two Chanel jackets (one black, one beige). And…OK time to buy a lotto ticket.


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