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“I Love Beth” and other such phrases…

For those of you who have a site meter, you know how funny it can be to see what searches people have typed in that inherently lead them to your blog or website. For me, many times it’s been various designers I’ve talked about…like Funktion and Draugsvold, or some topic, like Toggle Coats or an Anthropologie Tea Set. I’ve even come up in a search for “I Love Potatoes” but that really is my fault as I did a post with basically that same name. But, the best by far was a search I discovered today for “I Love Beth” which resulted in a glance at my blog. And I can tell you for sure, that Beth will just LOVE that!

To those of you to do come across this blog of mine through your random search for something else, I do appreciate you stopping by! So, continue to search away!

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