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Giving thanks…

Well, we all know what tomorrow is…Turkey Day, Thanksgiving, a day to give Thanks. Here are some things I am thankful for.

1 ~ I am thankful for my cats Bruce, Lucy, and Max. I used to hate cats and never thought I’d have one, let alone three. They all make me happy in different ways and I find them to be so funny all with their different personalities. Hopefully, someday Bruce will stop being so territorial and let the other two relax in peace.

2 ~ I am thankful that I get paid to design stuff for a living. I could be doing something much more boring and less fulfulling…and I make enough money to live a decent life, so I am thankful for that too.

3 ~ I am thankful for my friends, most of whom I no longer see regularly but whom I talk to often enough that it doesn’t feel like too much time has passed.

4 ~ I am thankful to be back home living near my family. I left for eight years and now I’m back as an adult and enjoying this city in ways I never did before. I get to see my parents regularly and see my little brother living the life of an actual grown-up person in college.

5 ~ Finally, I am thankful that nine years ago Bob asked me to be his prom date. Who would have known that one date to the prom would lead to a real relationship and we would grow together in so many ways. Who meets the love of their life when they are 17? Even though I didn’t know it at the time..Me, I do. And I am definitely thankful for that!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s to giving thanks with those you love!


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