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Living the blog life

It’s been a few months since starting my blog, and what a lovely few months it has been. I thought, at first, it would be a nice way to tell some stories here and there, but little did I realize…it would become much more. Here are some thoughts about blog life…

~ Having a blog is like having an on-going notepad of things you like now, things you want to remember for the future, and things that are just plain silly that you want to tell others about and remember yourself one day.

~ It’s really amazing the people you meet through common interests and tastes..through your blog and through theirs. Even though you may never meet them in person, it’s cool to know there are others out there who enjoy similar things and those you can turn to if you’re curious about this, that, or the other.

~ What an outlet! Being a designer, I’ve always been on the look out for new things and love coming up with new ideas. How nice to be able to share these things with others.

~ My mind is now constantly consumed with blog material and thinking about the new things I can post. It may seem stressful, but it’s a good way to fill that small portion of my brain that wasn’t being put to use!

~ Finally, having a blog is like having an on-going & visual Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary gift list. If you want to buy me something, you can buy anything posted here on my blog. I only post things I that like so you really can’t go wrong. And all the research is already done for you.

{A special thanks to Beth without whom this life of blogging would not be possible.}


  1. This is uncanny as I was going to put up a very similar post on my own blog. Agree with all your thoughts. Mainly I love having an outlet for all my thoughts, plans, desires, visuals – and I get a real buzz from all the amazing people I’ve encountered.


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