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Ribbon adventures: New York edition



Yesterday, I spent a few hours in New York for a meeting. I had some spare time and visited a couple of my favorite ribbon stores in the Fashion District. What great colors, textures, and inspiration…how I wish I had shops around Philly like this! Here are my finds from Mokuba and M+J Trimming. It may sound crazy, but I could really stare at these ribbons for hours! Also, Snow & Graham has some lovely holiday wrapping paper out, pictured below as well…


  1. what gorgeous gorgeous ribbons! I sometimes hang little pieces of ribbon around my room so I get little flashes of color! I’ve always wanted to go to M+J in real life, I think the next time I’m in NY its on my list of places I must go! And you photograph the ribbon beautifully!!!

  2. So pretty. I’m ashamed of my efforts this year – I wrap so much for my business that I was just over it by the time I got to personal gifts. I still have a few to go so this has inspired me to get the pretty ribbon out and put some effort into it!

  3. I love ribbons! I especially like the Christmas ones with angels and all kind of xmas motifs printed on them.
    I really love your blog, esp all the nice pictures!


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