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Oh no! Gocco!



Through a link at Nebo Peklo, I just learned of the Save Gocco campaign for our beloved hand-held ever-so-handy printer. According to the site, the current manufacturer, Riso, has decided to discontinue manufacturing the “print gocco” system due to stagnant sales in their home market. This means that production of the Gocco machines will immediately cease and within a couple years, supplies will run out unless a new manufacterer continues the Gocco legacy. If you’re a fan of this great little machine, check out Save Gocco and support the world of Gocco printing.


  1. I just heard about this last night from Jill Bliss ( who was spreading the word with “save gocco” flyers at her table at a craft show in LA… I’m still in shock!! 🙁
    I’d really love to see the link of the other blog you write for with the chandelier! It’s so swanky in person, it’s hard to believe it’s made of plastic. I just recently saw a photo from ABC carpet & home NY, with a similar chandelier all in pink…I think they must sell it too.


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