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Philly Find: Miel Patisserie



I’ve been in search of some French Macarons (different than ‘macaroons’) like those from La Durée in Paris…and Philadelphia’s own Miel Patisserie has them! They are a bit different than the ones à la Paris, but they are still damn good nonetheless. Miel also has a dizzying array of other French pastries sure to please. For a perfect companion to the macarons, get a cup of Organic Black Coconut Tea from Premium Steap, just a couple blocks away.

THE GOODS: French Macarons, currently in Coconut/Chocolate, Strawberry, and Pistachio flavors
THE PRICE: $14/pound, which buys you around 30+ macarons ~ a really great deal, I think!
WHERE: Miel Patisserie ~ 204 South 17th Street, Philadelphia ~ 215 731 9191


  1. Miel is the perfect spot to relax with a great cup of coffee and delicious pastries. The apple turnovers are my favorite, although some mornings its a tough choice, with so much to pick from. If it is later in the day I’ll have the ham and cheese turnover, which is just fantastic heated up. The atmosphere is quiet and friendly, with excellent service.

  2. After sourcing this bakery for a birthday party for a very high profile client, I was completely disappointed, embarrassed and appalled at the service. First of all, they had a very limited selection with zero flexibility in accommodating my requests. I was finally able to find something suitable to my client’s need and placed the order with a specified delivery time. Two days later the guest list increased so I increased my order, received a receipt via fax, and was charged on my credit card. On the day of the event, the cakes never arrived during their delivery time. I called with 30 min to spare before they were closing with my order still at their shop!!! Did they even notice this large order sitting there not having ever been delivered? They finally delivered the order, without my additional increase. The manager at the Philadelphia location claimed that their main bakery only sent my original order and they had no other cakes to substitute for my missing pieces. With the event in less than an hour away, I finally got a hold of the owner who basically told me that his employee already undercharged me so I pretty much got what I paid for. He also accused me of never having placed the order (I guess my receipt from their store and the charge on my credit card weren’t enough proof???) Regardless because I couldn’t served only half the guests dessert I had to call on another bakery last minute to supply a whole new order (Naked Chocolate—whom was more than accommodating and super nice). Anyway…I could’ve cared less about the refund for the product I received (even though I couldn’t use it) but after asking for a refund for the product that didn’t received he pretty much told me too bad and didn’t even admit the mistake or apologize for the inconvenience. Bottom line—limited selection, incompetent staff, and an arrogant, ignorant, idiot of an owner named Jay.


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