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Banana Republic/Project Runway


I LOVE the winning outfit from this week’s episode of Project Runway…preppy meets party chic. For those of you who don’t watch Project Runway, the task was to design an outfit to go from day to night…from work to a fab evening out. The winning dress is being sold in limited quantities at select Banana Republic stores and online…unfortunately for me, my size (and most others) are already sold out…a portion of proceeds will be donated to Dress for Success, a not-for-profit organization that helps low-income women transition into the workforce.



  1. i’m starting to feel i should have that extra satelite tv – we don’t get this show, but i’m reading about it everywhere! love the dress!

  2. OH MY DEAR GOD whoever Lexi is I cannot believe you just said chick. the word is CHIC, pronounced ‘sheek’ (just for future reference) NEVER DO THAT AGAIN PLEASE. the dress looks quite cheaply made is that some sort of polyester-satin? it’s kind of blah…h&m had an almost identical one for £14.99 ($30). well i guess if you like the whole elasticated waist thing…


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