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feeling floral today…


Graphic florals are nothing new…but here are a few that are still hot & I’m completely loving right now…


{left to right, top to bottom}:

TOP ROW: Michele Varian Marguerita Pillows, Kate Spade Ashbury Mini Fete, Lovely Lovely Tea Towel (via Imeda Goze)
MIDDLE ROW: Kate Spade Rutherford Circle Mug, Lovely Lovely Plate, Lemonade Maid Print & Buttons (via Liquid)
BOTTOM ROW: Variegated Table Linens, Free People Tank, Not Neutral Designers Gilt Charger


  1. they all look so gorgeous together… lovely, lovely!
    We have such similar taste, I just recently bought that print and button set at Bazzar Bizzare over the holidays. Her packaging is really clever too, she sews everything together, with hand controlled decorative stiching on her machine.

  2. glad that you like LovelyLovely.. NotNeutral is one of my favorites, too.. come to think of it.. why I never blog on them? hm…, I think I should! thanks, joy.


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