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Hello 2006!

Well, it’s officially 2006 and my first year living back in Philadelphia has come and gone. My days in New York are starting to seem further & further away. As I look forward to this new year, here are a few planned adventures for 2006….

Definite & Guaranteed Adventures:
~ take 5-week letterpress class
~ continue planning wedding
~ get married three times (aka…1 Thai ceremony + 1 Korean cermony + 1 American ceremony)
~ honeymoon on a private island
~ embark on first year of marriage

Possible & Maybe Adventures:
~ trip to Thailand to visit family
~ start long-awaited business

Very Hopeful (but Less Than Likely) Adventures:
~ winning that one million dollars I’ve been working on


  1. Sounds like an exciting year! Married three times? What fun!! All in the same day? Tell me more!
    And the letterpress class – wow – how fun would that be? Tell more, tell more! Are you going to buy one?

  2. yes, as for the class…i’ll definitely post progress each week. i’m not planning on getting a press–but just wanted to get my hands a little dirty like back in day with all those printmaking classes in college…should be fun!
    i was debating between a fabric printing class & some others too…but when i saw letterpress it was too good to pass up, as you don’t see that offered very often!


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