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Super Cool Shop: Rosanna


I can’t take any credit for being one of the first people to discover the super cute tableware shop Rosanna, as Katie and Holly have recently posted their Rosanna faves. But this shop is really too great not to mention. Located in Seattle (I REALLY need to get myself to Seattle) the storefront shop carries an array of fine tableware…with a touch of added whimsy and grandma-chic! The Rosanna online store is a great replacement for the actual shop–with it’s whimsical sketched borders and lovely illustrations.



  1. I’ve visited Rosanna’s on numerous occasions and personally I think I like her website better than the actual shop. I’ve had my eye on the chandelier tea pot and tea cups for a while now, so cute.

  2. OK…I’ll admit it has been awhile since I’ve been to U Village and I don’t remember seeing this shop! ACK! Get thee to the Mall! I like U Village…it is an outdoor type mall.
    The on-line shop is fabulous though.
    JoY! Come to Seattle and we will shop, shop, shop…and eat too…I’ll take you to all the fun, cool places.

  3. i’ve seen these teapots close up – they are so whimsical. love the colors. i especially like the chandelier one!
    p.s. – are those frames you presented the images in your art? love them!

  4. hi jan,
    yes, they are great…no the frames are from their website! i wish i had the time to do something as lovely as that for my blog posts!

  5. if you go to seattle, i can tell you exactly where to go — well that being if there all the places are still there. it really is a great place to visit and you can beat up my ex-boyfriend while your there too!

  6. What perfect timing! I’m on my way to Seattle tonight for the weekend and was thinking I’d try to find a tea cup down there for the swap…I’d like to thank you for being such a great resource of all things fabulous…


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