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Happy Friday…


Happy Friday, friends. Today, I leave you with a photo of sunset in Maui…the destination we have booked for our honeymoon! We still have seven months or so till we get there…but I am counting down the days till the wedding has come and gone…and we can look back on the great memories while on this beautiful island…



  1. We went to Lahaina, Maui last May for our honeymoon. It was the most amazing trip. We really didn’t want to come home! It was the perfect ending to our engagement and lovely wedding. You’ll have a great time! I’m jealous…We want to go back! 🙂

  2. Tom and I went to Maui and Kauai last Sept. for our honeymoon too!! You must get sunset dinner reservations in advance for Mama’s Fish House in Maui—you will not regret it! My favorite restaurant ever—unbelievable food, gorgeous open views of the ocean, and cool, low-key attitude. Where are you staying?

  3. Good choice, Joy! I went there in winter 1996, right after my graduation. -oh dear, makes me sound so old- It was so beautiful! I’m sure it still is. hey, while you’re there don’t miss that hula dancing on stage. So fun! 😉

  4. Oh Joy, you’ll have a great time! I have family in Hawaii and Maui is one of the places where we have our family reunions. Since each Hawaiian island is different, I tend to favor Maui because it’s a nice middle between the busy (Oahu) and the sometimes too quiet (Kauai). You guys will have a great time, guaranteed! Congratulations again to you and Bob!


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