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Inspirations this week…


Inspirations this week come from (surprise, surprise!) LOVE and pretty things…rich colors, layers of material including paper & ribbon, small objects, and precious hand-held goods…


{All images from Martha Stewart Wedding Spring 2004 – yes, that’s right…Beth and I stumbled upon huge stacks of old wedding mags last weekend on the sidewalk…yes, inspiration can come from things that are two years old…}


  1. that was such a great find. but why cant i ever stumble upon a stack of old british or french vogues? i feel like you have good luck, woman

  2. woman, you have good luck. you are the one that saw them, even if i benefitted from it. if you lived in london or france, i bet you would stumble upon old euro vogues all the time…!

  3. Lovely, soft pastels and flowers. Love the little “cake box” (that’s a tiny cake, is it not?) Whatever it is, it’s cute and packaging is yummy!

  4. I dumped about 10 years of British Vogues once. Totally regret that.
    Joy! Did you see the Kate Spade Ad Spread in the March US Vogue? I immediately thought of you Dearest!

  5. steph….no i haven’t yet! i actually don’t read vogue very often. beth told me about it though and said it’s amazing!
    someone needs to put it on their blog so i can see it!

  6. Hi…a friend just sent me a link to your site! The silhouettes at the bottom of your inspiration page are from my wedding! It was such a nice boost to see it posted….my husband and I were just in a really bad accident over the holidays, so it’s going to be awhile until I return to my old self. Thanks for putting a smile in my day! These days I have a paper products company… go to to see a small collection of our offerings.
    Thanks again for the shout-out. I’ve immediately become a new ‘oh joy!’ addict… -sara


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