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The BEST part of this month’s Elle Decor….


I’m not an avid reader of Elle Decor (I prefer it’s more stylish British counterpart, Elle Decoration)…but after a tip from Romely about an article this month I might find interesting…I took a gander…and she was right…

There’s a really interesting and pretty accurate article about the rise of Philadelphia among US cities…it’s not the “Sixth Borough of New York” as The New York Times claimed last summer. Here’s the intro to the article by Julie V. Iovine.

“If you haven’t been to the City of Brotherly Love lately, it’s time to recharge your impressions. There’s far more to the city than the elementary-school trip with pit stops at the Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin’s digs would indicate, or even a pilgrimmage to see the Postimpressionists at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (the country’s third largest). The serious history and are all still there, of course, but today Philadelphia is percolating with a more youthful sensibility that’s both cosmopolitan and neighborly. It’s a welcome paradox: a kind of Madrid on the Delaware river….”

…and a couple of my favorite spots below. This article is GREAT, especially for those considering a move to Philly and want a brief intro. If anyone wants a copy of the whole article and has 4mb of space in your mailbox, email me and I’ll send you my scanned version…



  1. I love Philly, are you kidding!? It’s beautiful. Rittenhouse is my favorite – I went to a fun flea market there a few years back. I have a good friend that works at Drexel. I just love the ‘feel’ of that city – very charming. It reminded me a little of Boston in the sense that it is packed with history. I haven’t been there in a few years though, so my husband and I decided to do an east coast trip this Spring. Drive from Boston to Florida and then fly home. Philly WILL be a stop on our list.
    Funny thing, I recently discovered I have a cousin in Philly – he and his wife live right in Rittenhouse. He owns a well-known music magazine!

  2. Yay Philly! Boathouse row is beautiful, and word is they, too, have great cupcakes. (Which is of course a very important factor in determining how dope a city is.)

  3. Glad you were able to read the article! Makes me want to pick up and move there! What a great time for you to relocate there and experience all the revitalization!

  4. So glad you posted this (and thanks for sending along the article!). Philly has intrigued me for so long and in this moment in time when my fiance and I are trying to figure out what’s next, you might have another nyc transplant on the horizon.

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