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  1. I absolutely love this coat rack (it’s very Eames-like isn’t it?) and went to order it immediately and the store wants 30 POUNDS for shipping – that’s nuts ($55 dollars?). Does anyone know of any US retailers that stock this item? Thanks!

  2. oh my graham & green!!! joy this is yet another awesome place you hipped me too! you’re the best. next time i visit my brother in england i’m going to have to stop!!!! that bag is AWESOME!!!

  3. katie ~ ha, i know! i feel like the best things are in europe and out of my reach! probably better as i wouldn’t be able to afford all the things i want. when you go, you have to take some pics so i can live vicariously through you 😉

  4. hi there,
    been stop by at ur site intro by a friend of mine… really like what you share here… ^ – ~ am from malaysia… keep up your interest & passion!

  5. Thats a shame the shipping is so pricey for you guys…yes, aren’t the radios great, they are Robert’s radios, and old established british make that has been around forever! I have a pink leather one, and I love it so much..xx


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