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I’ve recently been hearing the term “bespoke” everywhere, which the Brits (and some non-Brits) often use to describe something that is customized and made individually for a person or occasion. Here are some of my favorite bespoke items (or items that can be made to be bespoke)…


{left to right, top to bottom}:
Lisa Stickley hand-printed napkins, Surprise Balls from Cox + Cox, Just Married Car Kit from Cox + Cox, and BloemBox Tin


  1. hi joy
    this is a nice collection! have you seen karin erikkson’s bespoke mix-double hanging…in the hangings/mobiles section. was just looking at it tonight and then to find your entry about bespoke. 😀

  2. such a great word ‘bespoke’. love the collection as well! enjoy your site tremendously, thanks for keeping me in the loop with your amazing style!


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