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Gold, chunky, and filigree…


I love asymmetrical & gold jewelry as you may well know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while. Check out some of my new favorites…some of them really challenge my innate sense of balance…in a good way.


{top row & 2nd row earrings} Thea Grant’s collection named after neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The four current collections are called Williamsburg, The Heights, Redhook, and The Navy Yard Collection. I love Thea’s obsession with oversized objects, asymmetry and her use of a counterbalance system in her necklaces: objects are appended to the “back” of the necklace to offset the weight of the ornaments in front.

{middle row necklace} Rebecca Lau explored the fashion industry by working with at Anna Sui, Eugenia Kim, and Women’s Wear Daily. After a year in London surrounded by jewelry designers, the desire to create jewelry became her calling.

{bottom row} Arianny DeJesus’ previous hobby is now her life’s passion. Inspired by NYC women who are the most fashionable and diverse in the world, each piece of jewelry is designed and handmade and limited in quantity ranging from unique filigrees (gold/silver plated) to semi-precious stones as well as vintage beads.



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