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  1. *very* pretty – love the feathers, reminds me of some of my 1940s hats with the netting and feathers. The millinary of the past – so chic! Glad it’s back.

  2. My friend just had her weekend a few days ago and she had one of these instead of a veil. I have to tell you, she looked beautiful with it. And what is so great is that you can totally use it again for some fancy party. Are you thinking about wearing one of these instead of a veil? You know, if you still wanted to wear a veil, but also liked the idea of this you could always switch to the feather pin for the reception.

  3. kathy & sharp lily ~ yes, i am definitely considering one of these instead of a veil. and thanks to kathy’s email about her recent friend’s wedding and how great the piece looked, i’m definitely going to start looking!

  4. hi joy,
    i wore one of these!.. so i’m a big fan. i was inspired by camilla and prince charles’ wedding- sounds ridiculous! but true…

  5. I was spying something so similar when I got married a few years ago… I ended up having feathers on the invitations, and in the flower arrangements… but I really wanted them in my hair! Please do it, so I can live vicariously! 😉


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