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Happy Friday…



Happy Friday…finally, the end of this week has come! I’ve had a bumpy week feeling overwhelmed and confused by my direction and where all of my work and ideas and inspirations will lead me. Some days you feel so optimistic and some days you feel directionless. That was me off and on all week. I’m looking forward to a fresh start and having less Debbie-Downer moments next week.

I get really inspired by creative people in business and all of these great, young entrepreneurs all around me in real life and in blog world. So many of you consistantly remind me that you can make a business doing the things you love…even if it’s while at another job or working for your own clients. So, I leave you with a few links passed on by my new favorite business woman, Erica of Paper Bride who recently had a fab write-up in the new InStyle Weddings.

For those of you thinking about venturing, currently venturing, or deep into a new business, here are some informative & fun links to keep it all brewing…

~ Ladies Who Launch, a huge network of and for female entrepreneurs, creative women, women in business and motivated women to start and expand new ventures, and move forward on creative projects.
~ The Paper Bride blog which I now read daily…great articles on business, start-ups, and networking for women
~ A content-full article from Dot Tactics


  1. Joy, I’m sorry you’ve had a rough week! I know what you mean about those ups and downs and trying to find the right direction to head towards. I’ve had the same rough go the last couple of weeks. In fact, I had decided to give up. But, we have to keep going and follow our heart and our passion. You are very talented and I know you’ll do well – don’t give up! Thank you for your motivational post. I am now motivated to tackle obstacles and keep going! =)

  2. Well YOU are my fave stylish blogger! We all go through those moments of questioning what the heck we are doing and, truthfully, they help us to remind ourselves about why we’re setting out to do something (anything!) in the first place. You have scads of fabulosity (apologies for borrowing a phrase from Kimora Lee Simmons, but…) just waiting to bust out and I know we’ll all be tuned in to see what it looks like when you do!

  3. I,ve been in the design business since the 70s some days it happens some days it doesn’t. Just try and remember what it was like the last time inspiration struck. I can assure you after all these years it never goes away. Some people are born inventive and creative it’s in the genes. I get inspiration from the strangest places. If I feel lost for an idea I find distraction is the best thing for me. Try going for a walk, popping into a cafe, people watch and you’ll be amazed how not thinking about the block makes it go away. Trust me I’ve been doing it for years. I own a global ecommerce site selling unusual designer products for the home and garden, plus I own an advertising agency so I need ideas 24/7. I started writing my blog because it helps me with my ideas and I hope it inspires others. By the way I love your blog, you are a talented young lady and good luck.

  4. it must be in the air… i was feeling the same way all week… i fact, yesterday I was like, hummm there must be an easier way to make money than this. I got home and went to bed at 9 on ethe couch and didn’t wake up until morning. I think I was just tired… it gets better… it must 🙂 eva

  5. Thanks for all these helpful links Joy. I can commiserate with your feelings of directionlessness (hmm..realy word?) and then feeling optimistic the next moment, hang in there, it does pass. Sometimes it helps to take a step back, it’s easy to get swept up in all the creativity that surrounds you and your own creativity. Sometimes just one day break doing something completely different can rejuvenate you and put you back on track.

  6. you and i must be on the same stratosphere this week – or year – as i’ve been on the same track, feeling slightly scattered, unable to focus – perhaps it’s because it’s march? if you want to talk more about this (just vent or whatever) i’m totally into it (just email me)!

  7. hey miss joy, I’m sorry your having a glum time, if it makes you feel any better, part of my not having the internet is happy because when I get to read you its like a weeks worth of presents & inspiration!!! keep it up, we all think your amazing!

  8. I go through this feeling every month too–so I totally understand. I think when we see so many new and beautiful things that inspire us, it can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. I call it my monthly “design paralysis” when I’m overly inspired to do so many things that I just end up sitting around doing nothing. Anyway, I hope this week is better for you (and everyone else feeling this way).

  9. hi everyone,
    thanks for your nice & understanding comments. while i know that everyone goes through these days, it’s super nice to hear. thanks for all the encouragement! -joy

  10. i know it’s a little late, but i too want to thank you for the wonderful links! and i hope you are feeling up after a weekend!!!

  11. i hope your week this week starts out better! every now and again we have to feel down … i had that kind of a day on friday myself. ick! … a new start today. here’s to it! looking forward to hearing more about your ventures, mav


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