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Inspirations this week…

i’m feeling re-energized and inspired by colors! interesting pairings & color groupings used in both flat textile prints and within dimensional spaces…


{all photos above from the March 2006 issue of Living, Etc. ~ the two textile prints on the top left and bottom right corners from the book “Textile Designs” by Susan Meller and Joost Elffers}


  1. *love* *love* *love* *love* it!
    I always love how you lay out your photos, too. Lately, I’ve been making a more conscious effort to lay out my photos better too, other than just throwing them up with no borders. It creates a lot more work, but the result is so much more pleasing to the eye, and shouldn’t design blogs be, well, PRETTY? 🙂
    Great post, Joy!

  2. Beautiful colors! I’m loving the pink walls/chair and yellow door combo! And the blue sofa and yellow giraffe combo. So fresh! And so popping! I’m going to have to pick up this month’s Living etc!

  3. I love all of the colors and the mood that the pictures evoke. Very calming yet very vibrant at the same time. Yeah, I agree with Holly – you always have fab photo layouts!

  4. I love this color scheme and Living Etc is my favorite mag. I’ve been waiting for the new issue to come out so as soon as I leave work I’m going to a bookstore to see if it’s out in San Diego yet.

  5. joy,
    i picked up the march living etc. last night! so much great inspiration!! the french guy’s pink loft is just an explosion of color!!!!! POW!!! WOW!!! i can’t wait for my lunch hour when i can drool over the pictures some more!


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