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Oh, I miss the Martha Stewart catalog!


Remember when MS used to have a catalog filled with random, crafty things that were not just crafty, but elegant, too? For whatever reason, the catalog is no longer in the works ~ but as an alternative check out Cox + Cox. Based in the UK, Cox + Cox has a range of fun items for both kids and adults, many of which are perfect for parties or presents. They currently only ship within the UK, but for those elsewhere, it’s still a really great resource for ideas…



  1. oh, this is just perfect joy…
    i’ll have to see if i can get it here in germany as well?
    not able to get martha stewart mags here, unless i pay over double the subscription.
    but this i could reckon, being much easier to find.
    ach… more pretty things!

  2. I was such a Martha Stewart junkie, from the magazines to the catalog and still am. Too bad they don’t have the catalogs anymore. These have the same quality as MS products – very elegant yet simple and chic.

  3. Does anyone know how I could find the Martha Stewart catalog that had a pink soap dish or at least a picture of it?


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