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Oh my goodness…


…I’m SO excited for the new magazine from the editors of Martha Stewart Living & Martha Stewart Weddings…called Blueprint said to launch in May. It’s a new magazine with timeless and easy beauty tips for your home, your wardrobe, your life! See the editors below…how jealous are you of their new, cool job? (Well, I am, if you’re not.) And, the font of the masthead happens to be oh-so-very “Joy”, as Beth would say…

This will be a welcome addition to my already ridiculous (yet wonderful) collection of magazines… {Thanks to Lena for the tip!}



  1. yes… i’m seeing this pop up everywhere indeed! can we take another fun magazine?!?! i too am way too into magazines. c’est la vie! have a nice weekend, mav

  2. oh Joy I a m So excited about the new mag! As always thanks for the tip. I have no doubt that I will be seeing your name in lights someday. You are super talented. I LOVe luv Looove your blog!

  3. woohoo another mag… lovin it.. I am so mag addicted.. can’t wait for this one.. thks for sharing.. I can’t wait!! Check out my blog.. just brought home a ton of mags to peruse thru… gota love it!

  4. hi Joy! I stumbled across your blog totally randomly (serendipity! was looking for some shoes I saw at anthropologie and got here because of a picture you posted) and now I love to peek in occasionally- it’s very inspirational. I’m an artistic wanna-be and I love reading your posts and especially your pictures and layouts, plus I used to live in Philadelphia so it was fun to look around your blog for that too. I wanted to write and mention the magazine “Marie Claires Idees” – it’s sort of a French Martha Stewart, but much lovelier, in my opinion. You don’t have to read french to appreciate the beautiful photography and clever ideas, or even to make some of the stuff- my french is pretty bad and I manage)and if you haven’t seen it, it’s something I think you’d enjoy. it’s published seasonally and often available at international news stands for $8-$10.
    anyway, thanks again- I enjoy your blog!


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