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What a great day!


What a nice surprise as I received two wonderful swap packages in the mail yesterday…

The first is from Kathy for the 2nd round of the Tea Cup Swap. Kathy has a great online shop you may have heard of called 16 Sparrows which has a beautiful selection of notecards, stationery, and items for the home. 16 Sparrows also got written up in yesterday’s Daily Candy. (I love the Bachelor reference by the way!) Congrats to Kathy and thanks SO much for the wonderful tea cup, tea, and notecards ~ I love them all! {Check out last month’s swap here…}


The second package is from the Purple, Pink, and Orange left-over craft items swap which I received a fab package from Janet. She sent a great mix of cards, cool pins, paper, a cool bird which I have pinned to my inspiration board, and the adorable vintage fabric with kittens on them! (see background). Thanks Janet ~ so wonderful & so me!



  1. hi joy– thanks so much! i love your blog, it’s an amazing resource for so many great links… i could spend the whole day here… wish i could…

  2. i love your blog have a month your work is my first page when i open the explorer ; )) can I post her in mine just for my visit also to know you?? they are 70% from brazil, i start have 2 months and i talk about fashion X design ; ))

  3. Everything looks beautiful! I love swaps!
    Joy…please let us know how you like the Tea Forte. I was thinking about trying it myself.

  4. I’m so glad you liked everything! Sorry my email bounced your email back-my mailbox is filled to the brim lately! I can’t wait to see the complete set everyone collects at the end of the swap.

  5. following links while bored, i found myself at your blog. surprise. the pins i made for a “hollywood” promotion at the great holt renfrew depatment store are front and center. i’m glad you like them.

  6. I am so sorry i did not get in the tea cup exchange sooner but my computer was broken i hope i still can get in T hanks Par Schank

  7. I am very new at all of this i have no accounts like this so does this keep me from being able to recieve a tea cup i will be more than happy tom send one


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