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all dolled up in gilded metallics…


B Jewelry recently launched a line of specialty hair pieces and jewelry for weddings. Based on her gilded prayer collection, Cynthia Kagoshima created a stunning array of pieces for the special day (or any day!).

I had the chance to meet Cynthia recently and try on some of her pieces and they are truly gorgeous! The headband with mini gold leaves has a wonderful Grecian feel to it. The ethereal quality of the gild fabric and the way it flutters leaves small trails of light and fanciness all about. Check out B Jewelry for a variety of jewelry for every day.



  1. Ooh la love.
    I’ve never ever even imagined what my wedding dress might look like – I’m not a normal girl, no surprise, as my name’s KRiSTOPHER – but these little pieces might inspire some bridal outfit planning.
    Wait, no, they didn’t.
    I think it’d take an entire dress made of winter white mink to do that.
    Trimmed with chinchilla.
    Paired with 6″ white ostrich pumps.

  2. Joy,
    That’s so funny that you posted that gorgeous hair accressories because I was in the process of writing about Kate Spade’s new hair clips….shells and beads…awesome for summer.
    Check them out on her web site!

  3. Hi Joy,
    Ive just discovered your yummy blog and love it so much that I raved about you on mine hehe
    I’ve also added you to my links. Ill be coming back often.
    Great job, its a delicious blog!


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