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oh joy! studio tour


i love seeing photos of other people’s spaces…work or play…it’s really super interesting to me. after seeing sabine’s cool studio on her blog, i thought i’d share mine with you. my workspace isn’t really a studio, it’s an extension of my living room…it’s where i do all my freelance work and where i write for this here blog of mine…one day, i’m hoping this little home office will be an actual outside-the-home, put-on-real-clothes-to-go-to-work studio…


{part of my desk, and some random things that sit around me…}


{my inspiration/work-in-progress board – which is currently mostly filled with wedding stuff & below it, a few of my bookshelves…}


  1. oh thank you for letting all of us view your space! i simply adore peering into others’ homes! it is as cute + inviting as your blog.

  2. Clean and beautiful! Where did you get your white window shades? I’ve been looking for some just like them…

  3. So clean & beautiful! I love the white. Joy you inspire me so much! I’ve got to get home and clean the clutter off my work table.

  4. I love that Etro campaign too. There’s something nice about lookin at other people’s inspiration boards. Your office has made me so so envious. One day perhaps I’ll have a etheral space like yours. Love the blog, btw. Thanks so much for the link.

  5. hi ashley,
    i actually had the window shades made. they are roman shades made out of a white linen/cotton blend. my windows are really big, so i couldn’t find anything already made that would work!

  6. i love it! it’s definitely inspiring for me! my home office is literally filled with piles of god-knows-what. after seeing your space, i am definitely going to have to clean it up, and do something with it… or at least get my fiance to clean it up and then i’ll decorate it, hehe…

  7. Thanks for sharing this. You have lots of excitement there on your studio, and they are all in beautiful colors!

  8. oh, i love seeing space like this. because the creativity comes alive. the inspiration reads itself between everyline.
    and sometimes i think, were you to look at a space and see how things are placed, aligned, possibly even scattered, it says a world about someone.
    your space shows clear and clean lines. coloured patterns. order, with just the perfect dose of unorder [not as in messy unorder, but as in books in place, but playful different heights unorder]
    and then your little birds.
    have you ever seen the birds here, at posie gets cozy?

  9. LOVing your space! I do a lot of sewing and have tried to “pretty up” my little space, but it doubles as the dining room so I’ve gotten creative. I use milk crates to stack my fabric; and a tiered basket for other fabric. And my fave new trick is short wide-mouth canning jars and cleaned baby food jars for odds n ends like buttons and notions. Its quite colorful and organized that way!

  10. I love seeing other people’s spaces as well!!! Whenever I take a walk around the city, I love to peek inside people’s home just to see how they decorate them. So fun!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing your lovely space with us! Great organization and I love your desk and your chairs. It’s great to see all the items that inspire you everyday!

  12. i love ur studio. even though it seems tiny it just feels so cool and inspirational. I just wish i had half of that in my room (not to mention that im sharing my room with my sis 🙁


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