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Brunch ~ The Perfect Weekend Treat


The title of this book perfectly describes my feelings about brunch. My friends know how much I LOVE brunch, so it’s no wonder I love this book, Brunch ~ The Perfect Weekend Treat by Jennifer Donovan. I got this book on clearance years ago and just rediscovered how great it is. The recipes are super simple but are a nice change from the typical brunch we might make at home. The photos are completely swoon-worthy, too.


{The edition I have was published in 2004 and can be purchased here…but there’s an updated version coming out this month, find it here.}


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm, yummy!!! Brunch is my favorite meal! I always look forward to it. Those photos are definitely swoon-worthy.

  2. I completely agree — brunch is the best treat! I am planning a brunch in a couple of weeks, so this book looks like a great reference. Thanks!

  3. Brunch is just the bestest – one of life’s great pleasures.
    Having people over for brunch is suprisingly so impressive, even more than if you do a three-course dinner. Lately I’ve been doing eggs en cocotte, Moroccan scrambled eggs, strawberry smoothies in martini glasses – love it!

  4. I have that cookbook, and let me tell you…there are very few recipes that I wouldn’t make again, which is saying alot. (I have ALOT of cookbooks) Brunch is the perfect meal.


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