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Happy Birthday Mom!


To my wonderful mom, who has always been an inspiration and my biggest supporter…and, who happens to share the same birthday as Beth’s Dad!

My mom always tells me that I if I want to reach a certain goal, all I have to do is believe that you can do and it will happen. I used to laugh at that, but in many ways, it is so true. For more thoughts about seeing & believing, check out a great article over at Paper Bride that talks about just that.



  1. me ~ i don’t know if it was purposeful or not…i kind of think not…but it just worked out that way! it is super funny though..

  2. totally agree on this one. seeing is believing, it’s all in the state of mind. we should have this thought in everything we do! oh, and what a lovely picture!

  3. What a great picture of you and your mom! You guys look adorable. Great frame too! I read in the paper yesterday that Mexico celebrates Mother’s Day on May 10 (unlike we do here where Mother’s Day always falls on the 2nd Sunday of May). So, what a great day for your mom to have a birthday! I hope she had a blast!

  4. By the way, it’s wonderful that your mom has instilled a wonderful message for you to carry: believe and it will happen. It is very true!

  5. love those pix of you at that age — you were a sketch! the poses are great… reminds me of my daughter at that age — that totally supreme, top o’ the world, little girl confidence can’t be beat…wish girls didn’t forget it as they grow up…


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