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  1. This is the second french style chair that I’ve seen in a magazine that is covered in some kind of fantastic green print, and I love the electricity between the purple tulips and the blue and red glass work.

  2. I love the use of the butterflies in the bathroom. A great way to add an organic element while still being colorful. (And I’ll have to third the photo of them on her desk being super cute)

  3. ooohhhhh….makes me a little envious. well, more than a little.
    but are those Ikea tables in her living room. i swear they are because i have the same one! if they are that makes her place even more fabulous. 🙂

  4. This is great! I was just reading the May issue of Elle Decor this morning and her deigner mentioned this project. Eric Hughes:’I used them (oil based Jan-o-Thane paint from Janovic or Fine Paints of Europe) to paint IKEA tables for SJP’s weekend house…achieve the look of fine lacquer.’
    I tried that with a cheap table a few years back and my husband thought I had squandered money on an expensive piece.

  5. Her house was also published in Elle Decor a couple of months ago… so if you want to see more photos of the house, you should check it out (I forget what month, however… so I’m not much help!) I want to say in the late winter months of last year…


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