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Cool Online Shop: Petit Paris


The Japanese shop Petit Paris has a fun mix of items – from vintage jewelry to child-like knick-knacks. I imagine many of these pieces to be perfect as backdrops and objects for an interiors shot…


{Left to right, top to bottom: Alexandra Francois necklace, Polder Casablanca necklace, Natasha farina/Bonbon Mlle Rose, Les tours eiffel babies, Anomalies Pom Pom Necklace, and Valise Bleue. UPDATE: Petit Paris does deliver to the US!}


  1. love this! my friend is about to leave for a trip to japan and i am so horribly jealous!!! i told her she must by me every cute thing she sees.

  2. paper lily – yes those are indeed candies!
    jordan, i saw the fedex symbol and assumed they do ship to the US, but i have put in an inquiry to find out for sure….

  3. Hi everyone! I’m from petite paris.
    I’m surprised and happy you are talking about our shop here!!
    YES, we do send to the US too.
    (we accept paypal)
    We are currently working on our activity world wide.
    Actually I’m the owner of this shop and I’m a Japanese living in Paris, introducing
    French products especialy to Japan. (almost all of fashion items are hand made)
    This is why it’s called “petite paris”.
    I put this blog in my bookmark, I will visit you again! talk to you later again!!
    Yes, you are right,Risa.
    These pink little things are Rose perfumed candies.


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