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If I were to throw a party for myself (because one often does that), I’d be all about the tapas style party. Small bits of everything. I don’t need a full appetizer or entrée…just give me lots and LOTS of little hors d’ oeuvres, cakes, and other small morsels that I can eat in massive quantities. I recently saw an episode of Behind the Bash which featured a super luxe wedding catered by Callahan Catering. The beautifully styled hors d’ oeuvres had me on the floor in awe. Here are some little bitty custom cakes from Jin Patisserie that would be the perfect ending to my tapas-style mini plate party…



  1. i don’t know how you find it all joy. if i ever get married i’m digging through all your archives for my wedding menu, dress and decorations. i love these mini bites to death. so, so painfully cute. makes me want to eat some cake now…right now.
    d*s 😉

  2. it’s 10:30 in the morning and here you have my tummy growling for these delish little treats. they’re so gorgeous though, I’m afraid I might just stare at them. nah!

  3. Ahhhh! I love these! They remind me of those tiny cakes that Alice from Alice in Wonderland ate to get bigger… The ones that said “eat me” on them. Does anyone else remember those?

  4. so cute! if you are ever in the l.a. area, you should definitely pop into jin patisserie. it is an adorable place… and the treats are as good as they look!

  5. hi joy, it’s like you read my mind. i just told my friend yesterday that for my next major birthday (let’s just say i’m the a few years older than you and beth), i’m going to have a tapas and tini’s party! i didn’t even think about jin’s patisserie though… so thanks for the idea. I had high tea there a couple of months ago and it was yummy!

  6. im a student of gastronomy in chile, and in this semester im learning to make all of that incredibles and beautiful thinks. this is art.


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