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swoon-worthy paper combos


Many of you paper fans may have already heard of JOY by Mel Lim – a line of paper products and accessories that combine Eastern and Western icons, colors, shapes, and patterns. I’m especially a fan of the combo products she offers making it so easy to have all gift-giving pieces you need at your disposal.


{Thank to Witty Whimsy for reminding me about this wonderful line!}


  1. i bought the cards in the lower left corner… they’re very cute but i didn’t realize they were flat cards, rather than fold over.
    i also liked the name of the company b/c my name is also joy… thanks for making our name look so good w/ your blog!

  2. LOVE THEM JOY!!!!!!!!
    i’m working on creating the same type of buisness here in buffalo…i read her article in cottege living and even though it’s so small (the article) it’s very inspiring….i’m going through alot of what she did! oh and ps…i couldn’t leave my blogger so i’m back there…still reconstructing my design site but leaving my blog at the blogspot address, sorry to make you change all ,my linkage…eeerrghhh!

  3. When I first saw this, I thought these things said Oh Joy! and I got VERY excited, thinking your had launched your own product or stationery line. I see this in your future…


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