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  1. This is excellent Joy. I actually have a question for you because I have a lot of beautiful stationery that I’d love to share with friends of decor8 (and oh joy!)… How does one go about a ‘swap’ online? I was thinking of having a stationery swap on decor8 but have no clue how to go about it. Maybe we could do something together even? Can you enlighten me with your swapitude, oh queen of swap?

  2. hi holly,
    check out
    everyone does their swaps through that now. it’s really easy. you can start one or sign up for the tons of swaps already there. your stationery swap sounds great!

  3. my only problem with the card society, and all of mav’s designs, is they are too pretty to send out! i’ve bought two of her limited edition cards and one of her sets, and i am afraid to write on them! she’s such a gem.


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