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wallpaper for my dream office…


I have these random things and ideas I’m storing up for my dream office. I save all the super floral, whimsical, and feminine stuff for my “future office” because some of my taste is really way too girly to have in my own least in any room that my future husband has to share with me. So, here’s one for the dream office…Frames wallpaper from Graham & Brown.



  1. I love this! I’m redecorating my townhouse at the moment and am seriously considering putting this up on one of the walls in my study…it would be really cool to recruit a bunch of friends and local artists to fill in their own frame. Another excuse to have a little party!

  2. I love this paper joy….when it fist came out over here, there was a spread from one of the designers own homes in a magazine where they had used it in their childs bedroom..and the kid had drawn in lots of the frames {or had pinned paintings in them}…it looked SO fab, so I agree it might just be perfect for an office wall to put all the inspired images you must have up! xox

  3. I actually just got a roll of this wallpaper leftover from a client, and plan on using it near my desk. Its even more fabulous in person!

  4. ooooh. I have dreams about my dream office as well. Although I must admit, the vision changes almost everytime you post some other cool home/decor thing…

  5. I know this a really old post, but do you think this wallpaper is something that could be recreated with black paint?

  6. Hi Cara,
    Yes, if you have a steady hand and are a good drawer and are patient! I wouldnt have the patience to draw so many on the wall! Ha ;P


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