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i heart wallpaper


I am absolutely LOVING the wallpaper collection from The Collection, a Paris-based shop and online site featuring up and coming designers in Europe.


{left to right, top to bottom: Spoon Wallpaper by Tracy Kendall, Floral/text wallpaper by Lisa Stickley, Giant Poppy Wallpaper by Antoine & Manuel, and Frock & Stripy Jumper Wallpaper by Deborah Bowness.}


  1. i love this website! the tromp l’oeil wallpaper with the dresses is so cool. and the one with stacked books is so nice too….

  2. I fell in love with the giant poppy wallpaper you posted. In fact, I didn’t want to wait to get it. I was in need of an idea for a tiny area wall of my kitchen that consisted of a large open space, a door to my basement & the smallest piece of wall. All of the other walls & soffetts in my kitchen are painted or fabric covered in a different way but I was without a clue for this final section of my kitchen. I happened across your site, which is now my new all-time favorite blog that I visit daily, and saw this poppy wallpaper. It was late at night & I couldn’t wait so I ran downstairs, opened a can of blue/black paint & hopped to it – painted it right over my basement door & up over onto the wall a bit. Done in 2 hours & I love it (nevermind the unsightly safety handle on the doorknob – we’ve got toddlers)! Sshhh – don’t tell The Collection – we were having a party & I couldn’t wait to order it!
    Thanks again for your FAB site – I’m an artist/graphic designer /product developer & I visit your site to get the scoop on the latest & greatest finds – you do it all so I don’t have to! It’s hard to find time to surf the Net for cool stuff when you have kids & a job! I’d hug you if I could!


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