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Paul & Joe at Target preview!


I stopped by Target this morning to run a couple errands and to my surprise, some of the new Paul & Joe pieces were already set up! They had the old Tara Jarmon signs, so it’s a bit confusing…but there are definitely some cute pieces I’m spotting already. There were a few I really liked, but could only leave with one small thing…these silky pj shorts in a lovely floral print & lace trim. Very Paul & Joe, indeed. The new line for Go International will be in all Target stores and online August 1st.



  1. me too!
    they brought out the luella stuff early at my target, so i’m heading there later today to check out the scene…

  2. We just had a new Target open in our neighborhood last week and I guess they really wanted to pull out all the stops because the entire Paul&Joe line was already on the racks – LOVE it and already bought a few pieces – love the lace accents! aaahhh – I heart Target…


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