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Paul & Joe is here!


The new Paul & Joe for Target collection is now online! For those of you who have seen it in stores, I’d love to hear what you think. I’ve liked a few random pieces from all the previous Go International collections (Luella Bartley and Tara Jarmon), but I think this one is a bit more elegant and grown-up, while still having that girly and feminine quality characteristic of Paul & Joe.



  1. after reading your post the other day (that the p&j goods had already hit the stores), i went to target yesterday and bought several items in the collection. i haven’t been that impressed/thrilled with previous go international items… but the p&j stuff is SO cute! i stuck to the tops, and was happy with the way everything fit. i may even make a trip to another target tomorrow to see if different locations stock diff merch in the collection.

  2. Joy! Your post the other day made me run out to Target, but my local store doesn’t have any of this collection yet. Anyway, I was online last night looking at the wares, and feel in love with the cat coin purse and the georgette dolman sleeve top with that lovely alesan wallpaper print and the gathered waist with buttons. So super feminine and I love how they show it online with low rise jeans. Did you see it??

  3. Thanks for putting this up! I was having a hard time finding the P&J preview on Now I’m going to run out and check it out in person! I have my eye on the short-sleeve cotton print top.

  4. I recently saw the collection online and wasn’t too impressed. I mean it looks better then Tara Jarmon, but I also think they kind of all look the same. I want little bit more of a point of difference between the designers, but I guess when you are picking people who design normally girly, feminine clothes they might all run together anyway.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white leather jacket. Too bad I can’t afford it. I bought the poncho and the button up peter pan collar blouse. so adorable. I WANT MORE.

  6. Oh! I went to check out the stuff yesterday and it was pretty cute, especially compared to the previous offerings. The leather jacket is so much nicer in person. I got so far as to walk up to the checkout line with it before the voice in my head said, “don’t spend food money on leather motorcycle jacket, cracky”

  7. Hmmmm, I just took a quick look and I’m not really impressed. I love their girly stuff, but for my taste, it’s not very modern and I enjoy their clothing. I think the jackets are nice, but I’m not so sure I would buy a leather jacket in ivory. That’s just an accident waiting to happen. And I think I also expected a whole lot more. Not much to choose from and their accessories are a little bit too girly/kiddie for me.
    I’m gonna pass. I can find better stuff on Ebay.

  8. Hi Joy! Not everything in the P&J for Target collection is my style, but I was very very impressed with the quality in person. I noticed a distinct difference between this collection and the Tara and Luella clothes. The fabrics were all a much nicer weight and feel, and it seemed like you were getting actual P&J designer quality (or fairly close at least).

  9. I went to Target and tried on the black dress you have featured, but in red. It is adorable on the hanger, but not so much on the girl : ) The hem hits at a weird length, the bodice offers little more than boob-smooshing, and the skirt is uneven and has way too much fabric to be flattering to anyone; the fabric is also very thin and would be totally see-through in sunlight. I have the same build as the model in your picture, for frame of reference. I tried on several different sizes and it just wasn’t for me. Shame, because it should be a really cute summer dress.
    I did not try on the ivory jacket but did see it. It is cute, but the leather is very thin. For the price one could buy something of higher quality at Wilson’s leather at your local mall.

  10. I bought the green and grey sweater and an adorable little t-shirt with an owl on the front. The fit was great on both (especially the sweater), and the hand feel was good too. I can’t believe you can get something this cute at Target!! Love love love.

  11. Thanks for the article, very interesting. Just had to buy leather jacket after reading your article. now that i got my mens leather jacket, i am very pleased. and i’m going to buy also a womens leather jackets for the wife and Childrens jackets for the little ones.

  12. I bought the white leather jacket. I fell in love with it. Wore it often. too die for looks. It was ruined between Hawaii and Las Vegsa in the baggage . How do I find and buy another one. Please help me. have been looking since Feb ,07 need a size small or medium.


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