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you are beautiful…


You are Beautiful uses the medium of advertising and commercialization to spread a positive message. This statement and the context in which someone finds it gives meaning to its message and purpose to this project. Here are a few of the installations. See the rest here


{via Kate Spade “Behind the Curtain”}


  1. wow,
    i love this!
    other designers/artists should take this project and add it to their own images-
    people need to be reminded that they are indeed beautiful!
    thank you for this post joy!

  2. I drive by the installation on the green building in Chicago at Foster and Western everyday. I always wonder what it was for.
    Thanks! (I love your blog).

  3. Hi there!
    This is the name of my jewelry business… similiarly inpsired. 🙂 I thought there would be someone else out there who would get it. 🙂


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