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  1. Ooh she was on the Today Show, and she said everything she wore on PR, she made and you can buy. Very smart lady. I seriously can’t believe that Vincent didn’t get booted! And that he won over Uli??! Crazy!
    I work close to Mood fabrics, I’ve seen Austin Scarlett and Kara Janx, but no one from season 3 yet 🙁

  2. I just rewatched that episode (where she was Auf’d) and I thought the outfit she wore was soooo cute! Great style. I want to go back and see all her outfits now.

  3. Alison’s auf was the worst elimination in the history of the show. I was certain she would win or at least get to the top 3. I saw her today sitting in a starbucks and she was just too cute. Love her and will be buying her clothes!


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