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Cool Artist: Beau Chamberlain


I just came across the work of Beau Chamberlain from Jessica Murray Projects and love the calm, soothing nature of his work. I’m all about unexpected surprises and these paintings make me feel as if there’s something deeper in the small details that will be discovered with time…



  1. I own the green one you show above, which is called The Name of the Game. It is a mysterious work and beautiful, too. Also, the surface is amazing. Like porcelain. I can’t figure out how he does it.

  2. Dear people.
    I am desperatly trying to locate the splendid artist Beau Chamberlain who used to be represented by the Chelsea gallery Jessica Murray Projects. But it seems like that gallery no longer excist. Or at least the phone is gone (212-633-9606) and the don’t answer back on e-mail. Have you any idea where to go to seek information on mr. Chamberlain? I would really appriciate it…
    Henrik Emmer, Denmark
    [email protected]


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