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Cool New Catalog: Brocade Home


Check out the website for a cool new home catalog called Brocade Home! Looks like Anthropologie meets West Elm, with a bit of that British boudoir glamour thrown in that I love so much. Brocade Home is a sister company of the more classic & conservative Restoration Hardware. The website currently previews some images, but you can sign up for the premiere catalog! Read more about the new brand here. {Thanks to Jennifer of Craving Anthropologie for giving me the scoop on this great new site!}



  1. woman! i saw this and i thought of you immediately! i was just about to send you the link.
    i cant wait until the catalog ships. it looks SUPER cool

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m drooling. You’re right – a combo or Anthropologie and West Elm. Didn’t know that Restoration Hardware had a sister company. Great find, Joy!

  3. I believe the woman who founded west elm started this line for restoration hardware, which is why is looks so good!

  4. i agree w/rebecca–i LOVED west elm when it first came out…i furnished my entire apartment w/it. now though it looks pretty bad–sort of like pottery barn. oh well…can’t wait to see all of brocade…it looks absolutely amazing!!!!!

  5. I just got my first catalog from them today.
    It all looks very feminine and ornate. Prices are pretty good (higher than West Elm, but not too much), though some of it seems a bit trendy and might be a bit expensive for something that you do not keep too long. Other pieces are more classic and versatile.
    Great colors and certainly does not look like other catalogs or chain shop type things. Overall, quite nice, in my opinon – worth looking into if that look appeals to you.


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