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graphic yum!


New Yorker Kate Sullivan makes the coolest cakes. While I post about decorated edibles a lot, there’s something about the cakes from Lovin Sullivan that make me smile. I also love how she writes about the inspirtation behind each cake on her website…see the goodness below…


{If you’re a baker or wanna-be-baker, check out Kate’s book called Kate’s Cake Decorating!}


  1. I love Kate Sullivan cakes. If I could do a post about them everyday I would.
    Have you ever tried one? I bet they taste like sunlight and moonbeams. Tra lala….

  2. The black and white one is really nice.
    Though if cake is made with fondant icing it tastes kind of bleck. Not sure what those are made with.

  3. oh my gosh – that black and white one is ridiculously gorgeous! my friend is getting married next year and doing a black and white wedding – can’t wait to show her this! thanks! 🙂

  4. When you like to be FABULOUS and WOW on any place take with you one of this sweety things…Love it!


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