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spring {actually, late summer} cleaning…

hey folks..

i’m taking the next week off from blogging to get things refreshed, restored, and re-organized…thanks for reading & supporting my little habit of a blog. please peruse my favorite recent posts, my archives, and some of my other favorite daily reads for your dose of inspiration next week. {all on the right side of the page} i’ll be back on monday, august 28th – hopefully, with a less cluttered apartment, a clearer head, and things crossed off the wedding “to-do” list!

till then….joy.


  1. You’re getting married in 4 weeks, time to do all of those things, you are right! Have a terrific week off, I’ll miss the daily inspiration, but I know you’ll be back to spread your sunshine. Have fun organizing your little love nest.
    holly 🙂

  2. you’ll feel so much better after your “spring cleaning” session! do yourself a favor though and take some time out just for U! even if it’s just a few minutes, make it just for joy!
    see ya when you get back.

  3. Hi. You have a beautiful blog. 🙂
    I wanted to ask you favor, maybe you could do some posts about art & decor for bedrooms. I’m 21 yrs old, and I need to decorate my bedroom (that I share with my sister) and could use some ideas for bedcovers, bedding, artwork, maybe a window seat… The curtains are already ordered: stripes green, white, blue
    are you interested in this kind of stuff? i hope so. maybe you could recomend me some websites? thanks in advance, bye =)

  4. I have checked back to this blog on my bookmarks about 10 times a day, hoping, that your hiatus has ended. After just checking my date book, since this post on the blog until today has been exactly 7 days. Please update your blog? We miss you.

  5. can’t wait for you to start your daily posts once again! yay!
    hope you managed to get cross off some of those things on your to-do list though! 🙂


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